Back where it all began ….

The start of a new year is always a good time for looking both forward & back.

It’s just short of 4 years (13 Jan 2009) since I started blogging and this’ll be my 110th post. You do the math, not exactly a prolific output but tough luck …. As I’ve said before, if someone wants to pay me for this drivel, I’ll do it 5 times a week, but until then it’s as the mood strikes me.

And I’m back where it all began, in Byron Bay, and riding with the same group of locals that I wrote about 4 years ago. Except by now, having pedaled with them lots & lots of times, I’ve pretty much remembered everyone’s names. Almost. The odd mistake now & then.

We finished 2012 with a cracker of a spin to Lismore & back, over endless quiet country roads (with the odd minute or three on nasty busy highways), through rainforest, farming land, past diary cows (amazingly shiny hides, it’s summer) ignoring us as we rode by. The group of nearly 20 was whittled down as we went along – some people had to be home early for whatever reason – until there were only 5 of us, two visitors from Melbourne and three locals. And without the locals we would have been very lost; even with a map I’d struggle to find some of the roads we cycled.

About 12,350Km for the year, plus maybe 1,500 of commuting (I don’t really record that) means 2012 was my biggest year on the bike.

2013? Who knows, my crystal ball is out being fixed, but here’s hoping it’ll be fun. And with a trip planned to Northern France & Belgium for the Ronde & Paris Roubaix, I reckon there might be some cycling to blog about too.

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