A long hot day .. #GABR

Yesterday, Day 6 of the GARB, we rode Mt. Buller to Acheron, 165km and 1,750m of climb. But the stats never really tell the story.

The day started with a bang, descending 16km (in just under 18 minutes) off Mt. Buller. LOTS of fun, and my descending is going from good to better, having learnt from Phil Anderson that hands on the drop lowers your centre of gravity I’m much quicker into & out of corners now.

After Buller we regrouped at Merijig then rode as a bunch to Jamesion, stopping for lunch at the Brewery with about 75Km on the clock.

Two o’clock saw us depart and immediately begin a tough 9Km climb in what can only be described as scorching heat (or you could describe it as bloody hot). Having done the climb we were then treated to another 40Km of rolling hills. I’m sure it’s pretty countryside that we were rolling through, but like most of the less fast group, I was struggling, and just trying to pedal and mentally ticking off the distance until the end of the day.

Finally we rode a beautiful descent with wide open corners (almost no need to touch the brakes) stopping about 2Km from Eildon to regroup and ride together for the last 40Km or so.

The heat might have gone out of the day and the last section was mainly flat, but we were all, to use a technical cycling term, buggered. It wasn’t the neatest riding you’ve seen, at one stage I misheard a call from behind and stopped almost causing a pileup.

At Taggerty we turned right to be greeted by a the sign saying 8Km to Acheron, one of the nicest things I’d seen for some time! A little more effort, a bit more pain and we’d done it. Another long day in the saddle.


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One Response to A long hot day .. #GABR

  1. twopetals says:

    You did exceptionally well!

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