Prologue blues … #GABR

I’m in Metung. Not sure how many stories start that way, but it’s probably 16 or 17 years since I was here last. Unless things have changed, don’t order the Fisherman’s Basket at the pub.

But I’m not here to review restaurants, I’m here to ride bikes. Today was the prologue stage for the Great Alfred Bike Ride. We’re doing some 825Km, mainly around NE Victoria, raising money for the Alfred hospital.

Today we bussed to Bairnsdale (3 and half hours) then did an easy 42Km to Metung. They kept the group together trying to seed us (sort of) and work out who will ride in which group over the next few days. Lots of nervous wheels in the bunch, everyone sizing each other up and trying to see who’s who.

At least I think it was 42Km, but I can’t be sure because I managed to leave my Garmin (GPS driven bike computer) at home. I have a feeling that it’s a €30 fine if this gets out. I’m going to ask Sarah to post it to me, and hopefully I won’t have to chase it all over the state!

But enough whining, back to the riding – today was fairly flat, with one shortish (1.5Km?) but SHARP climb. I did my usual trick on these climbs (which I’m no good at) start the climb on the front, because I sure as hell finished the hill at the back!

Tomorrow the real riding starts with 150Km from here to Anglers Rest, and we’re doing a bit of climbing along the way.

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