Will CA or the UCI really care?

I don’t know if I’m an activist or not.

I’ve never been to a protest rally (I even missed the one earlier this year complaining about the lack of cycling infrastructure in the State budget), and I don’t think I’m all that convinced that boycotts work (just look at how terrified the South African regime was when there were sporting boycotts in the 80’s).

But I do know I’m pissed off about the way the people at the top of the UCI, i.e.: Hein & Pat, have handled the entire DopeStrong saga / fiasco / nonsense / insert your own word here.

And there are some questions that Klaus Mueller at Cycling Australia should be answering about Matt White, like why they didn’t asking him about doping when they hired him (as he’d just been sacked by  Garmin Cervello).

In both organisations, the rot seems to be at the top of the tree. I have, as part of the committee of a local cycling club, had any number of dealing with staff at Cycling Australia. They all seem to be decent people, working for an organisation and a sport that they love.

But if any of the accusations being directed at Hein & Pat are true, it’s time for a change.

What can I do about it (other than this post)?

I’m going to stop financially supporting both CA & the UCI while they’re there. Which means no race license renewal fee (and a letter explaining my position).

Is the Melbourne bike racing community going to notice one less almost 50 year old hacker going around in D grade on an occasional Sunday morning? I doubt it.

But if enough license holders send the same message, maybe Cycling Australia will see the light.

Perhaps it’s time I became an activist.

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