The two minute rule.

So I’m sitting in the waiting room at the Children’s Hospital, with Mr. 12 and his dinged up wrist, waiting to be seen for an x-ray sometime in the next two hours if we’re lucky. None of which has anything to do with this post, but I thought I’d just set the scene.

I’m a fan of The Velominati and their rules for cycling.

Sure, sharp tan lines matter, but for me, the real rules are #5: HTFU and #87: rides start on time.

Or the two minute rule – if you’re more than two minutes late for a group ride, don’t expect us to still be there. Sound harsh? Maybe, but why should 6 or 8 or 15 of us hang around waiting for you to arrive? If we all made it there on time, why can’t you?

But that’s not what’s up my nose, because at yesterday’s ride, everyone was on time.

At yesterday’s club ride we almost carried one guy over two large climbs. Nursed him to the top, waited while he struggled to keep up.

But that’s what happens on a club ride.

It’s not a race. There weren’t any KOM points awarded. The cafe we stop at on the way home had more than enough coffee for everyone, the first up the hill and the slowest.

What really got up my nose was the same guy who he struggled on the climbs but is reasonably strong on the flat, spent five minutes over coffee telling anyone that would listen that he doesn’t like going on club rides.

The reason: doesn’t want to have to ride a little slower so some of the “slow guys” (his words) can keep up.

Sadly, I don’t think he saw the irony in his comments, or for that manner remembered that we’d been waiting for him at the top if climbs all day.

Maybe he’ll find another club to ride with.

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