I’m not upset about anything this time ….

For the 4th time this year I’m heading overseas, this time for work and I’ll more than likely be back in Melbourne by the time that both of you who read my blog get around to this post.

I don’t have much to say that’s profound, earth shattering or informative today (do I ever?), I haven’t met anyone interesting in the lounge, and I’m hoping the seat next to me is empty. No, not for the extra space, but for the quiet. For me, an ideal flight is one where I sit down, nod hello to my seat-mate and don’t say another word to them until we’ve landed. Not a big fan of chatting with random strangers – unless I’ve got an escape route.

OK, the mystery & glamour that existed for the Jet Set might have vanished long before the arrival of low cost airlines and taking your shoes & belt off for the security screening, but there is something wonderful about air travel.

And the food is a lot better than it used to be.

Bon voyage!


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