My $0.02 on that drug guy. And by the way, I’m conflicted.

Like lots of people, I’ve always been fairly sure he was doing something he shouldn’t, but certainly wasn’t the only one in that era (it’s a VERY long list). Regardless of who was on what, he was always exciting to watch, and to support.

I’ve worn a LiveStrong wristband for something like 10 years. I’ve just taken it off, cut it up and chucked it in the bin. I don’t mind being a fan of someone that might be a drug cheat (we’re all innocent until proven guilty), but I’m no fan of someone who is a cheat.

The podiums – and most of the top 10 places – of all 7 TdFs he won are littered with drug cheats, names like Ullrich, Pantani, Zulle and Basso .. The list goes on & on.

They should just put an asterix next to his name in the record books and be done with it. I doubt the guys that came second wanted to win that way (I doubt Schleck is all that proud of the 2nd place that turned into a first thanks to Wee Bert & his steak sandwich), and finding someone 110% clean isn’t going to be easy.


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