A long lunch …

Two close friends have asked recently “what’s happening with your blog?” Being the sort of guy I am, I’ve decided they were asking with genuine interest, rather than making conversation. It would have been far too easy to start this post with “my goodness it’s such a long time since I posted …”, but I don’t get paid to do this, so I do it when I want to. I’m both Clark Kent & Perry Mason for this little journal, so the only on that ever yells at me about my copy being filed late is me. As an old friend says “it’s one thing to have a fight with yourself, it’s another to end up sleeping on the couch as a result”. And no, I’m not going to promise to blog more often.

OK, intro paragraph dealt with (and quite well if you ask me).

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival’s Long Lunch last Friday. It’s a LONG table – something like 1,000 people – rather than a long afternoon (for some anyway). The table stretched along the Southern bank of the Yarra from Anderson St almost all the way to Swan St Bridge.


If you go to a wedding or a corporate function, the polite thing, as you sit down, is introduce yourself to the rest of the table. Not easy when you’re there with 999 or so others, so I kept it to a few on either side of me. Anyway, I’m crap at remembering names at the best of times.

I had some interesting table mates, mainly bureaucrats from Tourism, and at one stage I thought I was chatting with Sir Humphrey Appleby GCB, KBE, MVO, MA (Oxon). I might have learnt all sorts of things about the Grand Prix & cruise ships, but that would be telling, so I’m keeping stum (look it up yourself).

Great food, seriously good wines, including a sparkling pink desert wine (not normally my sort of drink), fun conversation and an excellent Melbourne autumn afternoon, all followed by a slightly tipsy #cycle along the river to home.

Not sure what I can do this Friday to top it.


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