Thank you

I had what I was hoping was my last appointment with the Neurosurgeon today. Almost.

He’s not 100% happy with the way my vertebrae has healed, and wants to see me again in 3 months to make sure it’s not getting any worse.

In the meantime: no back brace (yay!), a bit of physio (first appointment is tomorrow), and just taking it easy. Slow & steady seems to be the way to go, there’s no point in going at things like a bull at a gate (my default setting) and damaging my spine.

I want to thank a lot of people for their support, care & concern over the last 12 weeks.

The most important first: Sarah (my darling wife) thank you for nursing me, putting up with me, driving me places, and just for being you.

My kids have been equally wonderful, but something tells me their ability to fetch things I need might diminish now that I’m not wearing my brace. My parents, Aunts, and other family members for not being too freaked out by the whole process.

I’ve also had support & concern from all sorts of wonderful people & places: from mates, some who I’ve known since I was 2 or 3 years old, to business colleagues, the boys in my cycling club (although I’m not sure that telling me about the wonderful rides you’ve been doing was really helpful!), the medical folks that I treated & cared for me, friends from Twitter (most who I’ve never met in person), even from the lady running the Chinese place we ate lunch in last Sunday. She’d never seen me before, but sent me on my way with a “you’ll be OK soon!” after asking why I was wearing the body brace.


Now I need to go ride a bike.

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