We took the kids today to the final of the DirtyDeeds Cyclocross series. …. If you’re reading this an wondering what cyclocross is, it’s sort of somewhere between a road race and a cross country / mountain bike event. Here’s the Wikipedia page ..

Today’s race at Harrison St Velodrome in Brunswick had some flat, smooth fast bits mixed with muddy grass, an off road up & down hill and obstacles you’ve got to dismount to get over (“portage” from the French to carry, or maybe porter, as in “Porter, get my bags”)

The kids race – everyone under 15, dominated by a couple of fast 14 year olds who led from the start and battled each other the whole way, down to a couple of 3 year olds being pushed through the mud by parents – went for 15 minutes. All three of my kids finished and had a ball doing it …. what could be more fun than riding a bike through the mud on a sunny day?

The Beat Box Kitchen was there – excellent burgers & fries for the pre race fuel or post race snack, and a vegan bake sale which was apparently excellent (I like my snacks loaded with animal products).

And a big chapeau to Brunswick Cycling Club for the gold coin donation high pressure wash, I reckon it saved me an hour of scrubbing when we made it home!

I think the photo sums up the après race feeling pretty well.






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