It’s been a month ….

It was a month ago yesterday that the stupid woman in the small grey sedan (that’s all I remember about her) turned left when she shouldn’t have and I had my first ambulance ride.

It’s four weeks tomorrow since I came home from hospital.

What have I achieved with all this time on my hands to do whatever I want (provided it doesn’t require me to leave the house an isn’t strenuous)? Have I started learning a language? Tried to get past the first 100 pages of Crime & Punishment? Reindexed my socks & undies draw?

Unfortunately none of the above, although I did get around to chucking out some old t-shirts that had more holes than block of Emmentaler.

I’ve done lots of blog reading  – it’s amazing how your unread count in Google Reader drops to nothing when you make an effort to keep up with 100 or so bloggers; I’ve started a project that I’m not telling anyone about until it’s a little more advanced; I’ve stayed away from daytime TV, but gotten into both BBC & ABC’s 24 hour news services; done a bit of online shopping (probably no more than the 4 weeks before the accident); moved most of my business from the office to home (and started to wonder why I pay rent); walked a few laps of the block; found an iPhone shopping app that lets me scan (almost empty) things in the pantry and sync them to a list on @SarahOrloff’s phone; had a few meetings at home; drunk as much coffee as ever, but now I’m making 95% of it (NB: you make the coffee, you can’t complain about it!); tried not too be too much of a burden to my beautiful, wonderful & supporting wife; stayed away from the whiskey bottle (more or less); watched a lot of Tour de France live (I can stay up as late as I want because I don’t have to get up at 5:40 to cycle).

In summary, just stuff.

Am I a little sick of being at home? YES.


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One Response to It’s been a month ….

  1. kewpie says:

    hey nick! u r a true battler! keep your spirits up and keep us posted! speedy recovery!

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