Hospitals, drugs & cabin fever.


It’s two weeks tomorrow since I left hospital, and past time I said thank you, in print, to the lovely young men & women who looked after me at both Frankston Hospital & The Alfred, and the Ambo drivers who picked me up from the side of the road and transferred me between hospitals.

With the exception of the grump prick who’s job was to push beds to & from x-ray, everyone I dealt with was a shining example of what the caring end of the health care industry is all about. If you smile when someone hands you a half full bottle of warm piss at 4 in the morning, you love what your job.

Maybe the admin side of public health doesn’t work as well as it should, but to the doctors, nurses, orthotists (did I get that right? The bloke that makes the orthotics is called an …),x -ray techs, just everyone: THANK YOU.

One of the other great things about hospital, other than a smiling nurse to take away a jar of warm piss at four in the morning, is painkillers. Plenty of them, and staff that don’t want you to be uncomfortable. From the green whistle in the Ambo, to a couple of shots of morphine in the emergency room at Frankston, to the 12 hourly does of Oxycontin while in The Alfred (and ongoing), I was pleasantly buzzed and in very little pain.

Still got some pain & discomfort, and I’m still taking Oxycontin … But I’m ready to start weaning myself off.

The day I came home from hospital I upgraded our Foxtel subscription to the platinum package (sport & movies), I’ve got a huge stack of reading that I’ve been trying to get to for months, a friend has lent me some technical watchmaking books (no, it’s not a career change, just want to learn a bit), Google Reader, eBay, twitter, etc, etc – and I’m still going a bit nutty. Ready to get on the bike (I wish! Only 10 weeks to go) or go to the office, or just get out of the house.

I think I might manage a walk around the block this afternoon.

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