Admin & 3 points

I’ve just hung up from the very nice policewoman who attended my accident last Saturday. The woman who drove into me (now that sounds dramatic!) has been charged with “failing to give way, other than at an intersection”.

The penalty? 3 points off her license and a three hundred and something dollar fine. Doesn’t seem all that fair, but there ain’t much I can do about it, and there certainly isn’t any point getting worked up about it.

Home from hospital (next post) on Tuesday night, and I’ve spent the last few days on admin … canceling appointments, rearranging my life and getting myself sorted out for three months at home (I reckon it’ll be less, but let’s not scramble any eggs until they’re hatched.

The TAC (Transport Accident Commission) is picking up all of my medical & rehab costs – one of the Emergency Room nurses tried to explain the difference to me between TAC and Medicare, but through the fog of morphine it didn’t seem there was much between them: TAC covers road accidents, and apparently the ER ‘prefers’ this work because the funding doesn’t come from their Medicare budget. Still comes from the taxpayer doesn’t it?

My head was clear enough that I decided the person controlling my supply of painkillers wasn’t the one I wanted to argue politics with.

As I’m sort of semi retired / self employed / don’t have a real job, working from home in my PJs isn’t going to all that much of an imposition. On me. Sarah might have a different opinion.

The hospital sold me (paid for by TAC) a couple of wee bottles and a NannaStick – one of those grabber things, a mate who sells hospital & medical furniture has lent me an over bed table (single leg / base on castors that goes under the bed, table top over the bed), I’ve upgraded Foxtel to the premium package (sport & movies) ….. And at this stage, my kids are happy to run & fetch for me.

The really crappy job this week has been canceling the trip I was taking to France just after Tour de France time … The Polka Dot Tour, 11 days of hills, Cols, Alpes, and general uphill madness: the Tourmalet, Galibier, Alpe d’Huez and a load of other named climbs.

I’m one of those people who need a purpose, a goal, something to strive for.

And for the last 6 months it’s the prospect of this trip and riding some of the most famous climbs that France has to offer, where some of the greatest battles of cycling have been fought, won & lost that’s been what’s getting me out of bed and on the bike nearly every morning.

They’ll be there next year, and I’ll be even fitter!


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