I never expected to end up here …

Yesterday started off really well. Queens Birthday Weekend, and we were heading to Red Hill to chill out, drink some wine in front of the fire, big lunch planned for Sunday with some friends, and of course, lots of hill climbing on the bike, after all it’s only 6 weeks until I head to France for the Polka Dot Tour and 11 days of Alpes, Cols & Climbs.

So the plan was to pack the car Friday night (done) then ride to Red Hill with a mate staying nearby for the weekend. We hadn’t finalised the route, but the rough plan was Frankston, Mt. Martha for a coffee & fruit toast, the on to Rosebud and up the side of Arthurs Seat.

And Sunday I wanted to attempt 3 or 4 repeats on Arthurs … It’s not the hardest climb, and while it’s only about 3k, there are a few sections over 10%.

We started with a bunch of 14 or 15 from Elwood – a great turnout for a club ride on a winter long weekend Saturday morning ride.

As usual, a few turned at Mordialloc (soft). Most of the rest managed to get to Patterson River and then there were three of us. We fell in with two guys that David happened to know, and our little peleton of five rolled and chatted as we headed for Frankston.

Rolling through Frankston a woman turned into her driveway directly in front of 5 of us. She apparently didn’t see us. If she’d been a half second earlier we would have yelled abuse for cutting us off.

Unfortunately she wasn’t that half second earlier.

I was first wheel on the left, slammed into the rear left 1/4 panel and went down hard. Everyone else stopped or got out of the way.

I’ve now been for my first Ambulance ride, had a green whistle (they’re really good) and I have a broken L1 vertebrae.

It seems I won’t need surgery, but at this stage the specialist thinks I’ll be wearing a brace for 12 weeks, and he just looks at me strangely when I ask how long until I can get back on my bike.

There are a few upsides: cute nurses, loads of painkillers and one of my mates who was riding with me says my bike is fine.

Hospital is no place for a cyclist.


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3 Responses to I never expected to end up here …

  1. dennys ilic says:

    wow man. so sorry to read this. speedy recovery and let me know if theres anything i can do


  2. Thats no fun at all…..get well soon….and enjoy those painkillers!

  3. Thomas Otter says:

    Just read about your accident. Wishing you a speed recovery. See you in the Alps next year.

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