A quick Targa wrap up

I’ve got a long post half written in my head, and I’ll put it on paper (a it were) later this week, along with links to some video I want to upload to YouTube (once my kids show me how to edit the raw footage).

In the meantime, here’s a quick wrap up, while we kill some time in Hobart before the flight home.

My overall mission was accomplished: we made it to Hobart and got our Targa Plate.

There is some minor panel damage from a passing blow / light shunt on day one, but otherwise the car is in excellent shape.

Final standings: 24th of 68 finishers in Classic Handicap, 49th of 83 finishers in Classic Outright.

We protested our time on one stage, but it was rejected. Long story, but the short version is that Official Time is always correct, and despite out video evidence proving it was wrong, they gave us Official Time. A little like trying to argue a speed camera is wrong.

Regardless, I’m happy with our placing, but if our protest had been upheld I think we would have won our class.

There’s always next year for that.

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