There’s a fair bit of standing around in motor sport. For an activity that often involves driving cars at very high speeds, it seems there are more minutes of doing nothing that time in the car.

Today was documentation & scruitineering. Show you log book, civil & racing license, sign three or four disclaimers, check they’ve got your mobile number and next of kin’s details and pay the balance of the entrance fee (it’s only the last step that hurts).

Scruitineering under CAMS is tough. I’ve heard of people being made to represent because the scruitineer wasn’t happy with the way they’d applied their event decals. Administrators & petty bureaucrats.

AASA is a little more relaxed: the onus seems to be on the driver & navigator to preset a car that they’re happy with, then the scruitineer does some basic checks of lights, safety equipment (car & clothing), marks the tyres (we’re only allowed 6 for the event) then the “ready to go” sticker is put on the windscreen and it’s all done.

We drove into the Silverdome, parked the car and spent a fun coupe of hours catching up with people we only see at these sorts of events.

Everyone has a good story to tell about their last event or the new something they’ve just installed that’s going to make all the difference to their times this year (we’re all optimists & bullshitters).

And now we’ve got an afternoon of not a lot to do … a lazy lunch and maybe a nap in front of the TV, like most other Sundays, then a little more action tomorrow.


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