I’m not going to start this post by saying “sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been busy”. I know, dear reader, you don’t rely on this blog for anything more than an occasional distraction from whatever it is you do all day, and the fact I haven’t posted since about forever probably only matters to me.

I went for a ride this morning. Nothing unusual in that.

A nice roll with a good friend, nobody trying to break any records.

A bit of a nasty headwind while we headed out (it was a there & back ride, rather than a loop). We dug a little deeper and pushed into the wind, chatting about all the things you chat about on a Thursday morning on the bike – life, wives & kids, business, the weather.

And we passed a guy struggling a little in the wind, who did exactly what I would have done: he jumped on our wheels and let us do the work.

And he sat there. When we sped up a little, so did he. We slowed down, so did he. For 20 kilometres. When we reached the turning point, he turned too. We stopped for a few minutes and let him go.

I don’t have a problem with someone sitting on, I do it often enough.

I do have a problem with someone who does it for 20k and doesn’t offer to pull a turn, and then can’t be bothered to say “thanks for the lift”.

99.9something% of the people I meet on the road are great folks – friendly, happy to chat, to pull a turn into the wind, or offer to do so, or at least say “sorry mate, nothing in my legs today, do you mind if I just sit on?”

And there are the very few rude pricks like this morning’s. Chapeau mate, and find someone else’s wheel next time.

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