More than 15? Can I get to 20?

I’ve been having a look at my bike stats for 2010: I upload all my rides to GarminConnect … I’m sure there were a few times that the batteries died on me on the road, and maybe one or two rides where I didn’t have my Forerunner, but it seems that I’ve clocked up just under 12,000 Km so far in 2010:

Distance: 11,968.76 km

And that included a bit over 78 Km of ascent:

Elevation Gain: 78,012 m

As most of rides finish at the same place they start, that mean about 78 Km of downhill too!

With the rides I expect to do in the next week, the totals should get to maybe 12,250 and 80 Km of climb.

Throw in 1,500 to 2,000 Km of commuting (I must buy a proper speedo for the single speed, not a $6 eBay special) and I’m closing in on 15,000 Km for the year. Which I’m pretty happy with: I missed a bit of time on the bike due to crappy weather (and expect the same next year, unless Santa brings that that extra large case of HTFU I’ve been asking for), a week or two due to a broken wrist (something I am NOT planning to repeat in 2011) and a bit of time in the last month off with a horror chest infection (another item on the “not in 2011” list).

So I don’t think I’m setting the bar too high by saying I’d like to ride 15,000 to 17,500 Km in 2011 (commuting included).

I’m planning a quick post at the end of each month with a summary of month & year to date, so if you’re interested check back from time to time.

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