A lesson rembered.

Every cyclist knows the feeling …. a perfectly executed sweeping turn, often at speed (a relative term) when you feel like you’re one with the bike. Weight in just the right spot, the correct amount of lean.

Man & machine in harmony together.

My closest friend when I was growing up (we’re still very close) lived on a street that happens to be just around the corner from my current office.

Just around the corner, but I have no need to ride that street. It’s not really on my way to or from the office, and I’m sure the house he lived in looks the same as it did when I was last there, nearly 30 years ago. And if it’s changed, so be it.

Cruising to the office mid morning one day this week – and what amazing spring weather we’ve had – I decided, for no reason, to detour up this street from my memory. Probably just to prolong my ride for a minute or two.

No traffic and slight downhill into a sweeping right hand turn.

And as I carved an almost perfect arc, I remembered taking the same turn when I was 13 or 14, perhaps one afternoon after school, or maybe it was a Saturday morning, on my way to visit my buddy, and the lesson I learnt (the hard way, but is there really any other?) that day.

Your inside pedal must be at the TOP for a sweeping corner. Or it will hit the road, and if you’re really unlucky, as I was, the impact of pedal & ground will be enough to send the bike one way and you the other.

I don’t really remember how much gravel rash I collected that day, but I do know it was the last time I had my inside pedal anywhere other than the top on a sweeping turn.

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