Mid way ….

It’s about 120k from the finish, there is a break about 8 or 9 minutes up the road and someone from Argentina has just pulled out.

We had a great time before the race, watching everyone roll up to the sign on and we happened to be standing next to the Aussie team car when they came back to grab food, energy gels and bottles. And for a bit of a team conference.

And then the race stated, and we began playing “catch the peleton”, charging though the Western Suburbs on surface roads – the freeway was closed for the race – trying to get to a spot near the You Yangs that Syd had scoped out yesterday. We missed them by maybe 3 minutes.

We found the only way into Geelong was to circle around to the south and head in from there.

I don’t know how he does it, but wherever Syd goes, he knows of a good place to eat. Looking for good Greek food in Geelong? Bistro 310 at 310 Mooroobool St is your place.

So now I’m sitting in the press stand, watching the race on TV. Bike racing is sort of hard to watch live: every 20 minutes or so today the bunch goes past, then you can’t see anything, unless you’ve got a TV, until they pass on the next lap. Which means we’ll probably stay right where we are for the rest of the afternoon.

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