Its on!! And who are you rooting for?

The Worlds started in Geelong today, and while I was sitting in a pho place in Richmond slurping my noodles and chomping beef tendon, the U23 time trial was being fought & won by Taylor Phinney, with a margin of under 2 seconds on the streets of Geelong.

Taylor, one of cycling’s rising stars completed the 31.8k km course in 42:50.29, which thanks to the able assistance of my trusty HP 12C calculator means he averaged just shy of 45kph. I can do 45kph going down a hill, I can sort of hold that pace on the flat (for a couple of minutes), but to average that speed for over 40 minutes – on the course by yourself – is something else.

Chapeau Taylor!

I didn’t make it down there today (I’ve got to work from time to time, it seems that writing a blog with 8 or 9 regular readers doesn’t pay the school fees) but I’ll be there tomorrow (elite TT), Saturday (women’s road race) and Sunday (elite road race).

I’ll be barracking (I can’t use “rooting” in this context) for Fabian Cancellara, better known as Spartacus. He’s won Paris Roubaix, and the World TT championship 3 times (2006, 2007 & 2009), and he’s on target to be the first person to win 4 times.

As great as it would be to have Ritchie Porte win, I watched Spartacus slay all before him in Rotterdam for the TdF prologue this July and I’d love to see him do it again.

I’ve not studied the form for the women’s or elite men’s road race yet, but plenty of time to do that on the train to & from Geelong tomorrow.

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