What you missed this morning …

Over at the excellent CyclingTip blog, they’re running a photo competiton for “WYMTM” or What You Missed This Morning. Stunning images, all taken with camera phones (phone cameras?) of amazing vistas, all with a cycling theme.

I didn’t take the camera out this morning (I usually do) but there wasn’t much worth capturing …. 100km of grey skies, endless rain and dirty water spraying off the road.

Want to avoid the dirty water spray? Easy: get on the front and pull a long hard turn into the wind.

I have to admit I spent more time getting sprayed than I did on the front.

The club I ride with often has 20 people on the regular Saturday morning ride. Today? Four. One turned back after about 25K (probably the smartest).

One was dropped soon after when we jumped on the back of a quick group.  We rolled with these guys to Frankston where they turned for home (smart) and we headed into the hills.

Excellent fruit toast & coffee in Mt Eliza, then back on the bikes and back to somewhere warm & dry: home.

We got lucky rolling through Frankston: a group of 5, with two absolute machines on TT bikes who set the pace all the way to Rickets Point. We spun our legs, held on through every acceleration (there were many) and enjoyed the ride.

They turned off, and we worked hard on our own from there. Today it was my turn to be the stronger and do the work. Next time it’ll be someone else off the front.

It wasn’t a day for chit chat, it was a day to ride within yourself, and, well, just pedal.

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