I’ve had time off the bike before, but never due to an accident or something beyond my control. The first time I rode Round the Bay (220km), maybe 15 years ago, I took six weeks off – let’s call it an extended recovery period.

But I’ve never been forced to stay off the bike. It’s always been my choice.

I’ve been doing plenty of indoor training, watching SufferFest videos (Fight Club is the best IMO), spinning madly on my wind trainer, along with some killer sessions at RideWiser.

My fitness hasn’t dropped, but it’s not the same.

So after 3 weeks of confinement, this morning I remounted a bike that wasn’t anchored to the ground and headed off into the joy that is early rush hour traffic.

I can’t change the front derailleur or use the back brake. Every little bump, and I do mean EVERY, sends a sharp pain up my arm. I can only really ride on the hoods – the way the splint sits on my arm means I’ve got limited rotation of my wrist (I wonder why?) so I can’t get on the drops very well.

But you know what …. best 20k I’ve ridden in a long time!

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