Just a quick note

We weren't penalised for passing too close to a chicane. No mention of it by the officials, so either we got past before the 200m board or the person manning that chicane didn't know the rule.

Either way, we're clear.

Day 3 was great.

Some tough stuff to start the day – first stage was wet, the next two were intermediate, along with a couple of the a'noon stages. It's an obvious thing to say, but the car behaves differently on wet roads! Some bits of these roads almost never dry out – between low temps and overhanging trees there are traps for unwary drivers hiding on corners.

And in the afternoon, on a 10k stage – a double catch! Not only did we catch & pass the car in front of us (a 911T), but the one who started 30 seconds in front of him as well (a Mini Cooper) and all in 6 and a bit minutes, on damp roads. We were on fire that stage.

Long tough day today – 450k or so of total driving, and one of the best Targa stages – Cethana. 37.5k of twisty, windy stuff mixed in with a climb, a descent and some very fast bits.

Can't wait!

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